American Legion Motto

There has been a lot of conversation and confusion regarding The American Legion Motto. After consultation with the National Library, here are the facts presented to us.

Prior to the resolution passing in December 2020, there was no official Motto of The American Legion. While “For God and Country” has been referred to as the official motto, there is no resolution or supporting documentation to support this claim. Various National Commanders have also used different mottos during their of office.  

“For God and Country” is in the opening statement of the Preamble of The American Legion, and that remains unchanged.  If you do not agree with the official motto of The American Legion, “Veterans Strengthening America,” write and submit a resolution to be approved at your Post. If approved at your Post, it will follow normal protocols for additional approvals up to and including National. 

A personal "Thank you" to PC George D. Horn for his research and quick follow up to this matter.

For God, Family and Country.

Warm regards,

Commander G. Callaway

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