First Division Officers and Committee Chairmen
2023- 2024


Joseph Horn
Sr. Vice Commander
George Horn
Jr. Vice Commander
William McNeilis
Finance Officer
Lorenzo Fiiorentino
Harold Dillard
Danny Eison
Asst. Chaplain
William Cooper
Judge Advocate
Vincent M. Gaughan
James S.Kostka
Asst. Sgt.-at-Arms Wade Hudson
Historian Harold Toney
Asst. Historian
Leon Reed
Service Officer Greg Jacobs
Medical Officer George Horn

Committee Chairmen  2023 - 2024


Americanism Michael Carder, Dept Chairman
Baseball Paul Knudston
Boy Scouts Albert Gangolf, Dept Chairman
Boys State Derrick Stinson
Children & Youth Josepfina Frncisa
Community Service/Publicity Josepfina Francis
Constitution & By-Laws Tony Siciliano
Diaster Relief  Tom Chambers
Economic Larry Hippert
Flag Alliance Charles Flood, Dept Chairman
Gift to the Yanks Joseph Hedrick
Hospital Services Georgaina Callaway
Internal Affairs Albert Coughlin, Dpet Chairman
Legion Riders Joe Lampert, Dept Chairman
National Cemetery/Monument Joe Lampert
National Security Joe Lampert, Dept Chairman
Poppy Day William Skoumal
POW/MIA Derrick Stinson
Public Relations/Info Exchange Gigi Callaway
Religious Emphasis Danny Eison
Safety Law & Order  
Sons of the American Legion  
State Fair & Uniformed Groups  
Technology Ray W Doekseni
Trust Fund Vince Gaughn
Veterans Affairs & Rehab  
Veterans’ Assistance Liaison John Wowk
Veterans’ Employment/Education Larry Hippert, Dept Vice Chairman
Veterans Home Advisory Wade Hudson
Ways & Means (Fundraising) Wade Hudson